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Your Heart & Soul Statements: Faith, Education & Cultural Opportunities

Originally published in The Monticello Express on August 10, 2016.

The Heart & Soul Core Team has taken all the things people from Monticello have been telling us for the past year and created 5 draft Heart & Soul Statements summarizing what you’ve said you value. In a 5-part series, members of the Team introduced each statement.  This is part 5 of 5.

 Monticello values faith, education, and cultural opportunities which make our community a positive environment to live in and raise a family.

Church bells ringing on a Sunday, school children laughing as they learn and play, and music blaring on a hot summer day. These are some of the wonderful things that make Monticello great. They are also included as a major theme that emerged as the Monticello Heart and Soul Core Team interviewed area residents at many different functions over the past year. There are three main components of our final value statement; faith, education, and cultural opportunities.

The wide variety of faith-based organizations and places of worship in MonMonticello45ticello offer much to the citizens of this community. Having a place where they feel a unique connection to those who share similar beliefs is something that many of those interviewed found incredibly important to the quality of life that they experience here in Monticello. As a member of Sacred Heart Church and a teacher at Sacred Heart Elementary School, I have grown in my faith through the various service, marriage enrichment, and liturgical ministry opportunities available through my church. I also have the privilege of helping to shape our youth through their education. In working with many different educators in this community, it is easy to see that Monticello teachers work tirelessly to support the children of this town, day in and day out. The Monticello CSD does a wonderful job of staying connected with families on a regular basis via newsletters, as well as through other annual events. Continue reading

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