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Community Planning at its Best

It was a mild November evening when community members willing to take on a leadership


Friends and neighbors weighed different options and shared concerns about Monticello’s future.

role in making Monticello even better made their way out to the beautiful new Durgin Pavilion at Camp Courageous. With ages ranging from 17 to 70-ish, they came to learn more about what their friends and neighbors had been saying about what they would like to see in Monticello.


Over a hundred unique ideas were considered – written on 3×5 cards and spread out on tables around the room. Every idea we gathered was thrown into the mix, from walking and biking trails to Cabelas and Culvers. Some were set to the side, like “hotel,” since they had already been achieved in the year we’ve been gathering ideas. The ideas were sorted by which of the 5 community values they would support or enhance – so the table labeled “Recreation: We value the many recreational opportunities that promote safe, healthy, and fun activities for people of all ages,” had the “walking and biking trails” idea on it.

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